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Discover Sackville's Shortcuts!
A Summer/Fall 2005 Map of Desire Line Paths.
Come explore the alternative routes of Sackville. Walk over red clay paths. Traverse trails of clipped lawns.
Cast concrete markers are found along each individual short cut. Suggestive of a sculpture walk, the path markers are cast from plastic waste packaging of everyday objects. Resurfacing like archaeological finds, they reference fossilized souvenirs of our product driven society.
Use this tool to find the quickest route to your destination. To locate the shortcuts hold the map to the light and the paths will appear, maintaining a sense of mystery and privacy for both the path owners and path users.

cartography, mapping, short cuts, paths, borders, recycling paper, 2d map to a 3d world, concrete casting in plastic recycling
inside 'Off the Map"
paper, ink
28 x 42 cm