Uta Riccius

Working with recycled materials such as, plastic blister packs collected from the curbside, found mitts and gloves, and used books and cartographic maps, the medium carries a component of accessibility for the viewer.
My process involves recycling ideas, by starting with something that already exists and re-inventing it into something new. By reusing a familiar object in a new way I am inviting the viewer to see things differently.

Much of the artwork tends to be ephemeral, lasting only for the duration of the show, after which it is reabsorbed back into the community- where it originally came from. Yet, the idea remains in peoples’ minds and memories as a viable sustainable source of encounter. All that remains is visual documentation of the projects in situ.

Uta Riccius would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

(un)Natural Curiosities Plate VIe
Various species of Periphylla (jelly fishes)
archived digital pigment print on paper
limited edition of 5
38 x 32 cm